Freedom Flights Parrot Rescue. We hope to be back up soon.


In the meantime…

Please wait while this webpage loads a 2 hour flute solo, which will commence playing shortly.

Just kidding.



Sunday, August 31, 2014 update. This site is under major redesign. There have been some difficulties, but it should all be for a good cause. In the last couple of days there was work in modelling , and I had an aquarium emergency to deal with.

Here are some parrots that don’t need saving…

prody parrotbuddy1
Not many people saw Prody Parrot (left). It was a talking character that was bundled with an old Soundblaster audio card. On the right, was Preedy Parrot, one of the Microsoft Agents, who spoke, made sounds and distracting gestures.


In the meantime for real…

This page having some fun about Body index mass is momentarily tickling my fancy. I don’t know why. Making fun of body mass index I suppose.