Freedom Flights Parrot Rescue. We hope to be back up soon.


In the meantime…

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Here are some parrots that don’t need saving…

prody parrotbuddy1
Not many people saw Prody Parrot (left). It was a talking character that was bundled with an old Soundblaster audio card. On the right, was Preedy Parrot, one of the Microsoft Agents, who spoke, made sounds and distracting gestures.

My analysis of the value of here, is not having to do with buying pets. There is instead an opportunity to make use of Topical flow on: Health: conditions and diseases related to bird-keeping, animal diseases affecting birds and parrots, and some science and biology to go with it. Herbal remedies are OK too. In fact, that’s exactly what I need to add here. For instance, Bumblefoot, is a disease of parrots.

Humane Society, is worth a sentence or two. There is a Humane Society of Canada, and one named for every city.

This site needs a paragraph describing all categories of diseases that afflict birds.

And Psittacosis, warrants a paragraph on diagnosis, cause, and treatment. And some skin pictures. and chest x-ray pictures, and a wee bit of histology.

Tyler Tyler
Sounds good, boss. I recommend Hector. He can do all that.

Hector Hector
Who, me?